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Today's Challenges

What seemed unimaginable only a few months ago has become the new normal for all of us.

Government organisations, the Public and Businesses of every size are all having to rapidly change in response.

We’re having to accept the facts:

  • Lockdowns as a preventable form of control
  • Social distancing at every turn
  • Unprecedented infection and fatality rates
  • Persistent exposure to risk
  • Anticipated 2nd infection spike during winter flu season
  • It’s not known when a vaccine will be available
COVID-19 Emergency

There's an urgency to implement effective strategic responses

The pressures the whole of society continue to grow the longer the pandemic dominates our lives.

Business and organisations are eager to find ways to get their people safely back to work in order to survive.

And to do this we’ll urgently need to:

  • Create effective and efficient ways of regularly verifying an individual’s Covid-19 status
  • Help mitigate risks and manage new infections as they happen
  • Rebuild operational resilience while paving a way for organisations & businesses to return to work and safely fulfil their commitments to employees and customers
  • Instil confidence in the public while realising our duty of care to communities throughout the country and to society at large

There's a solution to these challenges

A Mobile App that gets organisations and businesses working fully again.

  • Fully scalable, cloud-based platform
  • Fast, safe and reliable, utilising blockchain technology
  • Demonstrable provenance and fully GDPR compliant
  • Secure encrypted digital wallet
  • Uniquely designed to mitigate risk while building organisational resilience
  • Complements the government’s ‘Test, track & trace’ strategy
COV-ID Benefits Web

COV-ID - The Universal App

Providing verifiable Covid-19 status in any market worldwide.

Bringing peace of mind to wherever people congregate:

  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Hospitals and clinical practices
  • Offices and corporates
  • Educational establishments
  • Sport and entertainment venues
  • Ports and transportation hubs

How IT Works

COV-ID How it works diagram

The Solution for Everyone

COV-ID works equally well for the betterment of all aspects of our society.



COV-ID Supports Society & its Front-line Heroes

Seamlessly compliments our vital health & education sectors.

  • Enable GP practices to remain open while alleviating the overall pressure on the NHS
  • Provide confidence to patients to visit hospitals and health services for non Corona virus related issues
  • Empower schools to re-open and ensure the future generation gets the learning support they need
  • Ensure that in-school meals continue and that no child goes hungry
  • Free up parents to return to work so that they become self-sufficient and fulfilled once again

COV-ID Brings People Closer Together Again

Return the human touch to so many aspects of our lives.

  • Allow extended families to spend time together again
  • Improve social interactions and overall quality of life
  • Help people get physically active & healthy again
  • Kick-start our retail and hospitality sectors
  • Reduce physical isolation and mental loneliness
  • Re-introduce collaboration and celebration of life
  • Build social value

COV-ID Helps Re-Start Economies

Supports people and businesses getting back to work sooner.

In doing so we:

  • Return a personal touch to business development
  • Ensure speed and agility to all aspects of an organisation
  • Enable supply chain management to be handled in person
  • Provide a safe ecosystem for remote or field-force workers
  • Remove friction from reporting and documentation
  • Support SMEs to become self-sufficient and highly productive again
  • Power big business to better compete and win on the global stage

The team behind the Cov-ID App

The Z/Yen Group Ltd.

Led by Professor Michael Mainelli who Co-founded Z/Yen in 1994, the City of London’s leading commercial think-tank, to promote societal advance through better finance and technology. COV-ID employs Z/Yen’s existing blockchain to record the Covid-19 test results. Z/Yen produced its first ‘smart ledger’ (aka blockchain) applications in 1995 and has produced a number of applications for identity, documentation, and agreement exchange.

The NPH Group

The NPH Group are our clinical partners. They’re a leading Occupational Health care provider, based in the North East of England. NPH Group bring their expertise of clinical governance and clinical pathways to COV-ID. They offer Covid-19 strategic consultancy globally, and UK testing services nationally. In addition to a full range of professional Occupational Health and Wellbeing services, NPH Group help businesses and organisations achieve their strategic goals.

Catenae Innovation plc

Catenae Innovation are an AIM quoted provider of digital media and technology services. The company specialises in Distributed Ledger Technology solutions that solve commercial challenges and create opportunities for our clients. The company has an experienced IT team of project managers and integrators who’ve deployed systems across corporate, government and educational sectors.


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